The Death of Samson



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This article examines the story of Samson’s death. From the time that he was captured by the Philistines until his death, the Bible describes at length the events that led to his downfall. This includes three major parts. The first Philistine event was jubilation at the temple of their god Dagon, which consists of two short rhymes which appear in poetic form. This was followed by Samson’s plea for God’s help and the destruction of the Philistine’s temple. The last part mentions Samson’s burial. Examination of the Philistine’s rhymes reveals that they ascribe Samson’s downfall to their god, which adds a religious dimension to the story. Samson was the only person whose death wish was granted. His death wish is similar to other death wishes from the ancient world. The mention of his burial and its location links the end of the story to its beginning, which is the story of his birth.


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