Ezekiel, Prophet of the Spirit: רוח in the Book of Ezekiel

  • Leonard P Mare North West University
Keywords: Ezekiel, spirit of God


Numerous texts refer to the activities of the spirit of God in relation to the life and work of the Old Testament prophets. This is the case for both the former prophets as well as the latter prophets. The focus of this paper will be the book of Ezekiel. The noun רוח occurs 52 times in Ezekiel. A selection of these texts that refer to רוח will be analysed. Various issues regarding the Spirit’s function in Ezekiel will be discussed as they arise from the texts. The purpose of the article can be formulated as follows: What is the role and function of the רוח in the Book of Ezekiel?



Author Biography

Leonard P Mare, North West University
Extraordinary professor of Old Testament


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