The Use and Interpretation of the Psalms in Early Pentecostalism as Reflected in The Apostolic Faith from 1906-1915

  • Lee Roy Martin University of South Africa
Keywords: Pentecostal, hermeneutics, experience, allegory, William J. Seymour, Azusa St.


This article examines the twenty-five references to the book of Psalms in the first ten years of The Apostolic Faith, the periodical that was published by William J. Seymour at the Azusa St. Revival. The study shows that the early Pentecostal interpretation of the Psalms was neither monolithic nor simple. The early writers utilised a variety of methods and approaches, depending upon their purpose for writing. Seymour and the other contributors to his periodical used the Psalms in at least five different ways: 1. as affirmations of doctrine, 2. as allegories, 3. as analogous to Pentecostal experience, 4. as affective argument, and 5. as assurance and encouragement.

Author Biography

Lee Roy Martin, University of South Africa
Professor of Old Testament at Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Research Fellow at UNISA


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