A Literary-rhetorical Analysis of Psalm 93, for Translation and Performance in isiZulu

  • June Frances Dickie UKZN
Keywords: Bible-translation, Psalms, Literary-rhetorical, Zulu, Performance


The translation of poetry requires attention to the literary and rhetorical features of the source text. Moreover, all the functions achieved by the poetic devices in the source text must be fulfilled by similar or other poetic devices in the receptor language. In this empirical study, Psalm 93 was analysed for its literary and rhetorical features, following the steps delineated by Wendland (2006). Various experimental translations then were made into isiZulu by mother-tongue speakers, and the poems were performed as songs or spoken poetry items. The success of this exercise was evaluated on the basis of functional translation, using the traditional criteria of accuracy, naturalness, and clarity, as well as the additional criteria of artistry, aurality, and acceptability.   



Author Biography

June Frances Dickie, UKZN

Ph.D graduate, UKZN (2016)

Bible Translation Consultant, Wycliffe South Africa


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