• Jacobus Wilhelm Gericke North-West University (Vaal Campus) Faculty of Humanities
Keywords: Moses, meaning of life, analytic philosophy, comparative philosophy


Against the backdrop of problem of the meaning of life as constructed in contemporary analytic philosophy of religion, this article asks the question of what the supposed meaning(s) of the biblical character of Moses’ life were assumed to be. By comparing a variety of contemporary philosophical perspectives on life’s meaning with what appears to be related nascent folk-metaphysical presuppositions in the world(s) of the biblical text, the pros and cons of reading with an anachronistic philosophical-theological meta-language are clearly demonstrated. It is concluded that what Moses’ life might have meant cannot be reduced either to a singular purpose or a unified teleology.  Given the complex construction of his character’s personal identity over time, the point of it all remains fragmented, plural and elusive.

Author Biography

Jacobus Wilhelm Gericke, North-West University (Vaal Campus) Faculty of Humanities

Associate Research Professor

Subject Group Theology

Faculty of Humanties


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