Redaction criticism as a resource for the Bible as ‘a site of struggle’

  • Gerald West University of KwaZulu-Natal
Keywords: site of struggle, redaction criticism, Amos, Isaiah


Though the state, the church, theology, and biblical interpretation have been considered ‘sites of struggle’ by South Africa’s liberation theologies, the Bible has not. This article reappraises the work of South African Black theologian Itumeleng Mosala (thirty years later) and considers his particular understanding of the Bible as a site of struggle, drawing as he does on redaction criticism. The article analyses Mosala’s notion of the ideological dimensions of redaction criticism, clarifies some of the concepts Mosala uses, argues for the role of literary methods in redactional criticism, and advocates for the inclusion of the ‘exploited classes’ in the exegesis as well as the appropriation of biblical texts.


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